Tried applying for elevated tweet posting limits. No response


I have an app, Prosu for Twitter (App ID 12764355), that is pretty popular (has about 3250 registered users), and sends out tweets with user’s statistics for the game osu! at an hour which the user can specify. Due to this ability to choose the time and the amount of users the site has, this means that the site goes well over the 300 tweet / 3 hours limit. I only found out about this new policy once it became enforced, and quickly rushed to get info on it. I applied for a developer account, which seems to be approved since I can access the dashboard. I attempted to fill out the API Policy form as instructed on the blog posts that I found, however there isn’t a radio button to select that I need the limits increased (as shown here). I selected the bottom option, explained my issue, and haven’t gotten a response in over a week (even though the email says that you try to respond within 1 business day). I also tried to talk to @TwitterSupport, however I also never received a response on there. How am I supposed to handle this? Over half of my user’s tweets aren’t being posted, and I was never contacted about this policy before it went into effect, unlike the blog said would happen to apps that were going over the limit before it was in effect.



I just made an adjustment on the backend. Can you please try applying from the form again. you should be able to see the proper radio button.



Hi there,

I can confirm that I can now see the proper radio button, and was able to submit the form. Thank you!


Glad I could help!