I am using the api “” to retreive the available trends,But it’s returning the results for places trends.
Actual twitter shows different trends.Can some body help how to get trending topics in twitter api


Personalized trends aren’t available from the API, if that’s what you’re looking for. Only place-based trends.


What about newly added local trends such as Ukraine and Poland? They are not returned by trends/available.
Can I submit this as an issue?


Are you still seeing this issue? When I look at trends/available I’m seeing Poland and Ukraine.


Yes, I’m using Tweepy ( and it returns 35 countries, no Ukraine or Poland among them.
I’ve asked the main developer about it especially and reviewed the code myself: there’s no custom restriction on this side.


I’ve tried a handful of API keys and have them coming each time.

Here are some examples from Ukraine:

{ "name": "Dnipropetrovsk", "woeid": 918981, "placeType": { "name": "Town", "code": 7 }, "country": "Ukraine", "url": "", "countryCode": "UA", "parentid": 23424976 }, { "name": "Donetsk", "woeid": 919163, "placeType": { "name": "Town", "code": 7 }, "country": "Ukraine", "url": "", "countryCode": "UA", "parentid": 23424976 }, { "name": "Kharkiv", "woeid": 922137, "placeType": { "name": "Town", "code": 7 }, "country": "Ukraine", "url": "", "countryCode": "UA", "parentid": 23424976 }, { "name": "Kyiv", "woeid": 924938, "placeType": { "name": "Town", "code": 7 }, "country": "Ukraine", "url": "", "countryCode": "UA", "parentid": 23424976 }, { "name": "Lviv", "woeid": 924943, "placeType": { "name": "Town", "code": 7 }, "country": "Ukraine", "url": "", "countryCode": "UA", "parentid": 23424976 }, { "name": "Odesa", "woeid": 929398, "placeType": { "name": "Town", "code": 7 }, "country": "Ukraine", "url": "", "countryCode": "UA", "parentid": 23424976 }, { "name": "Zaporozhye", "woeid": 939628, "placeType": { "name": "Town", "code": 7 }, "country": "Ukraine", "url": "", "countryCode": "UA", "parentid": 23424976 },

Are you using any other parameters when you make the request?


the request looks like this:

trends_available = bind_api(
path = ‘/trends/available.json’,
payload_type = ‘json’,
require_auth = True


After more investigations we found that API returns 42 countries, if the user is located in the US, and only 35, if he or she is in Ukraine or Poland. We did make tests with different app keys and with different access tokens and even with different tokens retrieval methods.
Please help us, it’s really important!



I live in Ukraine and i’m using The Qube. I would like to have the Ukrainian trends in the qube. Thanks.


Good afternoon!
for Poland no Poland or Ukraie is retrieved either. Same client as above, API 1.1 compatible.
We would be really grateful for any help you could proide us with.
Best regards from Poland