Trends ParentId field



I am currently writing the documentation of Tweetinvi for Trends and I could not find anywhere what the ParentId field mean.

Here is the json I am talking about:

 "country": "Sweden",
    "countryCode": "SE",
    "name": "Sweden",
    "parentid": 1,
    "placeType": {
      "code": 12,
      "name": "Country"
    "url": "",
    "woeid": 23424954



AFAIK: parentid is the woeid of the “parent” place if that makes sense…

eg: “New Haven” is a Town in the US - so the parent id is “United States”

woeid=1 is “Earth”

{ "country": "United States", "countryCode": "US", "name": "New Haven", "parentid": 23424977, "placeType": { "code": 7, "name": "Town" }, "url": "", "woeid": 2458410 }


Thank you for the help :slight_smile: