Trends field description



Same as the Trends API promoted_content property always null

What does the “promoted_content” field stands for?

Could you confirm that trends tweet_volume represents the number of tweet matching the trend that have been posted for the last 24 hours.



I’m guessing promoted_content here are promoted trends you see occasionally.

As for tweet_volume - I don’t know, it’s relatively new so maybe @andypiper can follow up? Regarding Tweet_Volumes Results in Rest API there might have been changes to how counts are made - but last 24 hours seems like it could be it.


Thanks, still working on getting more information to share on these values, and understand that it would be good to have them clearly documented.


I have over 3000 unique trends collected in more than two weeks from 3 different WOEIDs , and still the promoted_content is null in all of this results.

it looks like an under-development feature that will be added in the future. this is only a guess.