Trending Topics by category


For a lot of people, Twitter Trending Topics can be frustrating and annoying. This is due mainly to conflicting tastes within the Twitter community. For example, most Twitter users have to put up with Justin Bieber or One Direction Trending Topics on a daily basis, and I think that’s a waste of space if the majority of users don’t like the topic.

I would like to suggest adding TT Categories to Twitter, giving users the opportunity to find interesting topics depending on their interests. For example, there could be topics for subjects like news, music, films, gaming, art and more, where only topics relevent to those catgories will show up.

There could also be sub-categories with a range of topics, similar to Reddit’s use of Subreddits. This way there could be seperate categories for much more specific things.

This could all be done by giving users the ability to select categories relevent to them and then generating the Trending Topics depending on what is trending within that group of people using the category. Alternatively, it could be done by selecting the relevent categories based on keywords in the trend.

I think it would be worthwhile to also have the ability to select mutliple topics to display on the sidebar as people may want more than one category showin up. For example, I would use a Gaming category, but would also want to see the topics for the News category.

I think this feature would go a long way to improve Twitter, both socially and technically.


I was trying to do something like what you are saying.
A portal Im working on needs to focus on specific trending topics, not the bunch of General trending topics. It needs to focus on Technology and Science.
I was doing the Research and couldnt find any similar.
Too bad.
@Mattiebo123 good idea!


Try reading the paper! What’s wrong with Justin Bieber, any of us could only hope to have his natural talent!