Traversing the home timeline and rate limits


I’m working on an app that allows users to traverse their home timeline, using the max_id and since_id parameters, which works fine and responses are cached.

However the calls as the user moves back and forth (thus getting new results) is counting towards the users rate limit count; even though it’s a cursored call. So if they move forward through their home timeline 15 times within 15 minutes, they will be rate limited.

That can’t be right, so can someone please advise.


No, I think you’ve got it right. Each request to the home timeline should deduct from the user’s pool of requests for that method. There’s nothing special about cursoring in regards to rate limits – each request you make is counted – it’s a per request rate limiting model. If the user needs to make additional requests to the timeline to cursor through it after they’ve already fetched 15 "virtual pages"of results, they’ll need to wait until the 15 minute window has rolled over.


Thanks for the quick response.

At least I know that we weren’t doing anything wrong :slight_smile: