Trap Twitter Content When Sent to Widget


I want to extract the content of the Twitter in my Widget as soon as it comes in and then have it copied to a Text box on my Form. The development is being done in ASP.Net.
Please point me in the right direction - any help would be appreciated.


A Tweet Button or Web Intent does not return information about the published Tweet created in the child window.

A Twitter application with granted write permissions from a Twitter user can publish a Tweet using the API with knowledge of the created Tweet’s content and ID.


I don’t want information just the text in the Tweet… are you saying I can’t get the content of the message?


You may suggest text to include in the Tweet via the text parameter on the web intent or the button. You do not have access to the contents of the created Tweet unless the visitor created the Tweet through an API call submitted by your Twitter application after a permissions grant.


The embedded Widget is a Public Twitter account. What does “you may suggest text to include the Tweet” mean? I am confused by the word “suggest”.
thanks for your time


Also I put the same question in AuthO . can you see that plz and comment? thanks


The text parameter of a Tweet Web Intent and Tweet Button pre-populates Tweet text in a Tweet compose area. This suggested text is highlighted in the composer; it may be altered by the Twitter user before publishing, or published exactly the way you set up the Tweet compose box.


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