Transparent parameter



Since today the data-chrome=“transparent” parameter seems not work on the embedeed Tweets on my website.


Same here. I also noticed the layout of the widget has changed somewhat. I tried to override the CSS to get the background transparent again, but it doesn’t work since it’s an iframe.


Yes. I have update the widget code with the tools but there a 2 issues : the transparent parameter and the Tweets are duplicate twice.


Yep. Same is happening to me. Also the header is displaying despite noheader being set and there is a left padding/alignment issue as well. Glad to hear it’s not just me! Hope this gets fixed soon!


Likewise. Has made my site look shoddy :frowning:


I just filed a bug report to Twitter. Perhaps everyone with this problem should do same to get their attention.


That seems to be a global issue with all Twitter Widgets. Even the widget appearing at the bottom of is messed up right now:

I assume Twitter is aware of the issue and will get that fixed.


yes I’m getting the same issue glad I’m not the only one :frowning:


We’re looking into this right now.


Wow, this was fast. Everything works as expected again. Thank you! :clap:


Great, apologies for this issue and thanks for making us aware.