Transferring Twitter App From Fabric to


I have a Twitter app that I use for my iOS application which was managed by fabric. I accidentally deleted the fabric app while trying to delete a test app, but my iOS app still requires the underlying twitter app is was managing. The underlying twitter app appears to still work - users can still log into my app, but the display name got changed and I can no longer manage the app.

Is it possible to either 1) undelete an app on fabric, or 2) transfer ownership of the underlying twitter app to my main twitter account? I have also sent an email to

I’m trying to understand if there is a process for this, or if I’m out of luck and I’ll need to create a new Twitter app, update my app, and resubmit to Apple.


Hey @hunhu,

I believe my colleague Alex has already replied to your email. Let me know if that hasn’t arrived.



Yes he has - we’ve been working through the issue over email.

You guys seriously rock. Alex was able to fix my twitter app’s display name and we’re trying to figure out how I will be able to manage the app going forward.

I can’t tell you guys how appreciative I am, especially considering that this was a self inflicted and totally avoidable problem.

  • John


Glad to hear it and thanks for the kind words @hunhu, you’ve made our day!