Tracking term doesn't match some cases



I’m working on a project that uses the twitter API to track public tweets that matches with some track terms.

In this case, a track term is “Héroes”, so in this case, according to the Streaming API documentation, the client should match “Hola Héroes.” correctly as you can see in, nevertheless the API doesn’t recognize that tweet as a match.

Is this a bug or some issue that I can solve independent from the API?




I have not investigated the specific example in detail, but it could be a case of volumes - the Streaming APIs are limited to 1% of the current volume of tweets, so it is possible to “miss” matches if the volume of your search is large.


Probably not too helpful, but it worked for me. I opened a statuses/filter stream with track=Héroes, then tweeted “Hola Héroes” and the tweet appeared in my stream.


Our volume is under that 1%, the domain is pretty small. Idk if this can help but the real track is “Compensación Los Héroes”. With “Héroes” is the same problem.


Yes, in my case that phrase matches too, but if you add a dot at the end, the tweet is no longer matched.


Yes, I also don’t get a match when I had the period. Looks like a problem.