Tracking $STOCK symbols doesnt return any tweets over streaming api?


Using just the regular filter track demo PHP in Phirehose to track keywords with the $ character for stock symbols like $AAPL etc, doesnt return any tweets at all over the streaming api? I have tried lowercase ($aapl), uppercase ($AAPL), ‘%24aapl’ and so forth, without any resulting tweets coming in. If I track just AAPL without the $ character, I get streaming tweets. So the source code for streaming in general works. Am I missing something fundamental about tracking the stock symbol keywords?


Might be an issue with how PHP is encoding the request?


Igor, thanks. Unofrtunately not, did a debug printout of the URL that phirehose assembles and uses to request the tracking, and the URL says “…%24aapl%21%24yhoo” etc. Could it be FILTER_LEVEL that prevents stock symbols from appearing?


That might be it - just tried connecting with $appl, $goog, $amzn … most of them are “filter_level”: “low”

My POST Request looked like this (without oauth stuff):


(Using Twitter4J)


Did you then get the streaming tweets for those stock ticker symbols? Hm, still cant get it to work in PHP using Phirehose.


Yeah I got tweets coming in, though they didn’t seem to be that frequent - only a tweet or 2 every minute or so (although i only ran it for few minutes, and the volume will vary depending on a lot of things)

One thing to try might be to use “manually” - with the “OAuth Signature Generator” & curl. Might help check if it’s the library or something else.


Thanks Igor. Yes, I have tried that manually (and it works), and the url there is formatted just the same as the one Phirehose generates (when debugging), mystery continues…


This is strange, trying to track $fb, $aapl and so forth, using the twitter development console on their website, doesnt work either… I get no streaming tweets for those trackwords. Having the same search going in TweetDeck at the same time, I do get tweets. So tweets are being done by users out there.