Tracking requirements for Mobile App Install ads?


In order for the Twitter Ads service to optimize on app installs it must be informed when an app install (and usually initial app launch) occurs. For iOS, at least, this requires some type of tracking SDK to be incorporated into the app being promoted. There are many tracking services out there, such as Tune, Kochava, AppsFlyer, and Adjust.

Question 1: Is there a list of third-party tracking services that have been integrated with Twitter’s install optimization?
Question 2: Is having Fabric incorporated into the app sufficient (or necessary)? If so, are any additional API calls required beyond the basic integration to enable install recording?

There is an older reference to this topic in the forums here, but the article referenced by the answer no longer exists at the address given.


It’s been a couple of days, no answer from Twitter on this topic?


Hi @tharlinsmith,

I’ll try to answer the question - and someone from partner engineering can hopefully fill any holes!

  1. Please go to and choose “I need help with measuring mobile ads” and that will give you a list of the 3rd party tracking services.

  2. Yes, this should be right - you could have the Answers SDK in the app in question. Once you have that relationship in place, the MOBILE_CONVERSION metric_group should return the info you are looking for. Read more here (note that mobile_conversion only works when MACT is enabled).

Let me know if this helps.