Tracking link clicks by user


I just read the update about retiring Twitter card analytics. I particularly found useful the metric previously on that page that let you track link clicks by user as it provided insight into who was driving traffic to our site and how they were doing it. Is this metric available some other way, or is it no longer available anywhere now that card analytics are retired? Thanks!


Hi @ArkansasOnline it is unfortunately no longer available anywhere. You may be able to get stats through the Ads API, but that is not a viable option for the average website owner.

I would recommend a something like Google Analytics that may be able to track referral traffic.


Thanks, @joncipriano. I’m sorry to see it go — we really enjoyed seeing how the clicks stacked up from Twitter users within our organization and around the world. We do track referrals through Google Analytics, but I don’t know of a way to do it by individual Twitter user like that.


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