Tracking LIKES in real time?



I’m looking to track likes/unlikes as they happen, akin to how we track tweets and such. From my reading, the way Twitter wants us to do this is using site streams – which it appears is under a closed beta. My questions are:

  1. Is sitestreams the only way to track likes in real time?
  2. is there an approximate date at which Twitter hopes to make sitestreams available?


The recommended solution would be to use our commercial Gnip data APIs, which are highly scalable and fully-supported.

Sitestreams remains a closed beta product, and is unlikely to be opened further at this time. We recognise that suggesting that you look at Gnip is unlikely to be an answer that you may be happy with if you are looking for a free solution, but there is nothing more to add on this at the moment.


Is it possible to do so with GNIP Powertrack 2.0 ? If yes, could you post an example of powertrack rule for achieve that ?


No, this is not possible with Powertrack, but we are aware of the interest in this feature.

To revise my earlier response - likes are available in the Firehose and Decahose products from Gnip for realtime tracking.