Track tweet button event




(Tweet button on Twitter dialog, not the Tweet button embedded on the website)

I did my homework about web intent and my current integration work smoothly. However, I have a requirements to get the status id which at this point is really impossible since web intent don’t offer a response on the parent window that invokes it.

I found some workaround like this one however, this approach is not reliable as it relies on click which also detects when the user click outside the dialog window.

Any solution to this so far. Facebook does this by default. So I guess can also do the similar.

Thank you.


There is no way to do this with the Twitter Tweet button web intent.


This means we can’t build a rich web app with the current state of web intent. One question, is it possible to use PHP library for posting tweet as a site user? If yes, any guide that you can point me to accomplish it. In my previous projects I am using PHP to post on our own Twitter page. Let me know if I make any sense. Thanks


You can read more about the reasons why the web intent does not support this event here.


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