Track shared link clicks... prevent "preview card" visits


My client’s system allows users to share “custom” links using their twitter account, and the system also “tracks” clicks on those links.
A “click” is tracked each time we got a request to the shared link, my problem right now is that when a link is shared in twitter we got several requests from different ip/os/browsers from twitter.

I think this is part of the “preview card” process for the shared link.

I want to know if there any possible way to “filter” those request so we can count only real clicks.


Troubleshooting steps tried already:


You could either block Twitter’s IP range (which would have the effect of stopping cards from working at all), or you could filter out visits from the Twitterbot user-agent in your click counting.


Thanks for your help!
I implemented something similar filtering by IP only when tracking clicks (cards works), but I don’t know the exact IP range from Twitter :frowning: is that common knowledge?

When I got the requests those come from several user-agents and OSs.


The IP range is in the troubleshooting cards page.


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