Track by hashtags



Hi all,

I’m trying to use twitterStream.filter(track = ['#Yonderland' , ' #Lovesick']) to track specific hashtags (e.g. #Yonderland #Lovesick), but for some reason the API returns tweets that are not related to the hashtags (for example: @JordanSmithLive I can't wait to hear you sing that song again. All the other contestants were good, but you were phenomenal. Beyond words.).

What is the best way to get tweets that include (not related) specific hashtags?

I’m using tweepy.

Thank you in advance.


That’s very strange - can’t see anything in that tweet that would match your query based on

Maybe try tweepy.debug(True) and have a look at the request being made - and check that the filter keywords are there? Or maybe that tweet was written earlier from some other stream?


Thank you for the quickly respond.
No chance that is come from anther stream.
I’ll check the tweepy.debug(True)

Thank you