Track by geolocation - tweets from Instagram



I’m tracking tweets stemming from a geographic region using a bounding box. All works perfectly fine.

However, when looking more closely at the tweets a noticed something. A lot of tweets with source “Instagram” feature the exact same geolocation. To give you some numbers, given about 1 million tweets, ~34k of them have the exact same latitude and longitude. That’s the most common location but there are dozens of them that feature several thousand tweets.

I don’t use Instagram myself, but I assume that the geolocation embedded in the tweets comes from Instagram (i.e., the app). As far as I can see, users can select a location (name with address) and assign it to there pictures. That would explain so many cases of the exact same location. Given that this number can be very I high, I also assume that some location that can be select are rather generic, e.g., just a city name that is assign one geocoordinate.

Can anyone confirm this or knows in detail where Instagram-tweets get the geolocation from?


Hard to say, but it seems likely that Instagram is using their own location database and assigning it to the Tweets that they share. I don’t have any information on what they are doing in relation to that.


Andy, thanks for confirming that’s definitely on the side of Instagram.