Track all retweets of a specific tweet with Streaming API


Hi all,

I want to track all the retweets of a given tweet.
Here is what I’m currently doing :
I connect through the Streaming API and I send the userID in the track parameter. That way, I’m supposed to get all the retweets of tweets created by this user. Right?

The issue I have is when someone retweets a retweet of the original tweet. It’s not fetched by the Streaming API.
I guess that’s because the retweeted_status is filled with the data of the user who already has retweeted.

But is there a way to catch all the retweets even if someone retweets a retweet? Because this happens a lot.

Thanks for your help !


If you use the follow parameter on the public stream you’ll get retweets of any tweet created by the user specified—as long as they’re created as native retweets. If you’re trying to track “manual RTs”, things get more complicated and there’s no good general solution.

All of these will arrive down the stream:

  1. X creates a tweet
  2. Y sees it, clicks “retweet”
  3. Z sees the RT from Y, clicks “retweet”

In this case though:

  1. X creates a tweet
  2. Y sees it, manually puts “RT @X:” at the front and tweets
  3. Z sees Y’s tweet, clicks "retweet"
    event (2) will arrive down the stream (technically it’s a mention of X) but (3) will not.

Cannot get retweets of retweets , using statuses/filter

Thank you for your reply Isaac, this was helpful.
That’s what I thought, I can’t retrieve all retweets using this approach.



I am interested on this topic, and i am wondering if u found any solution to track RTs of RTs ???

Thank you.

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