Total comments count


Is there a way to get the total comment count like the Retweet count in the Twitter API.
Similarly the no of views a video has in the tweet.


Reply counts aren’t available in the API as far as i know. For video views - analytics has views for videos you upload, but not sure about API for that either.


You can get the value of reply_count in the premium and enterprise APIs, but this is not a part of objects returned from the standard API.


Thanks, I saw an archive reply stating that the count is not available even in Premium/Enterprise . Is the wrong.


reply_count was added to the enterprise API in January 2017. See the Changelog.


Thanks Andy. Just to confirm this is also in Premium API of Search. The log refers to Enterprise and I do not see the same comment under the Premium tab.


Yes. Premium search came out after January 2017 so it had the attribute from the start.


Is there a different endpoint for Sandbox search in Premium Search API . The ads API has a separate endpoint for Sandbox.


No. sandbox search is simply the unpaid version of the API, with lower limits.