TON File Upload Processing Details


I am looking for a little clarification on what the processing rules are for targeted audience TON file uploads. In the documentation that is posted here it says:

Generally speaking audience changes are processed in batches that run every 6-8 hours. While an audience change is processing the existing audience to be updated is unaffected. We do not recommend making more than one update for additions and one update for removals per audience within this timeframe.

Are there any further guarantees about the order in which the files will be processed? Or is there only the guarantee that the files will eventually get processed with a separate queue for adds and updates? What about removals? Is that a separate queue?


Hey @getstridetech

Thanks for bringing this up.

To clarify:

  1. Audience files are processed in order of the requests made. So if you make two requests to update an audience, they are processed in chronological order.
  2. There is only a single queue for processing so, all addition/updates/removals use a single shared queue. The documentation is only speaking to the ability to use these audiences while any changes are being processed, i.e., an audience can continue to be used in a live campaign, while updates are being processed without affecting the campaign itself.

Hope that clarifies things!



Thanks so much for the reply, that is very helpful!