TON and Tailored Audience Issues



I’m having several issues creating Tailored Audiences. The first has to do with TON:

  1. I cannot read anything I upload to TON.
    Using the TON uploader at I issue the following command:

    ./ton_upload -m verify_upload -b ta_partner -f hashed_2999.txt -t

Which results in a 201 Created, but the next request to download the file is missing the Bearer token because I do not have app-auth access. I did implement one of the # TODOs in the file (# TODO update to support user-auth) for getting the file, but it always gives me a 404.

  1. Tailored Audiences do not work in the sandbox.
    I can create a Tailored Audience just fine. I can also POST a change (sigh) with a file just fine. However, retrieving the changes show that the file is COMPLETED on upload. Waiting 24 (even 48) hours, the audience size is still NULL. Doing the same thing outside of the sandbox works, but I still see the COMPLETED on upload while the Admin UI shows PROCESSING. Twenty-four hours later, outside of the sandbox, I have my audience size.

How am I supposed to test this process if I cannot verify a TON upload, the sandbox flat-out doesn’t work, and the production api provides false data?


This is intended. The ta_partner bucket does not allow read operations. The TON Upload script was designed to be bucket agnostic. You will not be able to verify the upload.

That being said, the upload does check whether the number of bytes were received that you indicated on the initial POST call. We have no history of upload corruption, even for uploads of multiple GBs.

If you get a 201 Created response everything is good to go.

This is also intentional. While parts of our API works in Sandbox, the required processing infrastructure for Tailored Audiences does not exist in Sandbox.

We recommend you use a separate test account (handle / ads account) in the production environment.