Today having problems to get the profile_image?size=original / bigger etc


From today, the api is not returning the profile image of the tweets,

I used to get the profile image with this sentence:’ + vvuser[k].screen_name + ‘/profile_image?size=original’



yes, we also facing the same even all the twitter profile pictures and post picture url too.


We have encountered the same problem. A few additional findings:

  • URL itself works, but returns 403 when linked to in <img> or background-image
  • URL works fine in <img> or background-image when the browser is signed out of Twitter


Exactly what u said. “403 Forbidden: The server understood the request, but is refusing to fulfill it.”


The documented and supported way to fetch a profile image is to use the value from the profile_image_url_https field of the User object. Using alternative methods is not supported. I’m not certain why there would be a change of behaviour on the URLs you’re describing, but they are not part of the Twitter API so we’re not able to support this.

Twitter username to profile image

I was using the same way and got the same problem recently. The URL is still working, but it will be redirected to:
This is not good and it was not working on mobile anyway.

I found very nice service: URL should be like below in your case. Easy!