To trim user images for easy browsing and attractive printing violates the "Developer Rules of the Road"?


Hi, I’m developing an application to get user’s tweets and images in order to view and print.
When our app displays the small thumbnail images in a small mobile display, it is preferable to crop thumbnail images to square form to make it easier to browse for the user.
In addition, by placing the user images on the designed printable template, we want to provide an attractive work to the user.
At that time, the image may also be trimmed.

The above specifications violate the following part of the “Developer Rules of the Road”?
Incidentally, I am aware that the famous application named “Scopy” that work with Twitter has trimmed the user images to square form for attractive browsing.

Developer Rules of the Road
II. Principles
A few highlights:
•Don’t edit or revise user-generated content delivered through the API except as necessary due to technical limitations or requirements of any networks, devices, services, or media.