To retrieve my followers and also the followers of a few partner organizations, would I use the single-user oauth?


Most of the docs and code samples assume the developer wants to send a human user through the auth process, but in the case of my app, I want the app itself to get authorized so it can retrieve the followers of a small number of twitter accounts.

Should I use the single-user oauth for this? Something else?

Thank you,


The answer: Use the single-use oauth. Create an app inside each account whose followers you want to retrieve. Use the access token & secret provided in the app’s page in the twitter account. Google the single-use oauth example that makes use of Abraham’s library. It’s about 5 lines of code.


Glad you figured out the answer, Ryan.

Your approach is one way to go about it, but you could probably just have used the single access token with a single application to retrieve the data for all the accounts you’re interested in – you aren’t restricted to fetching only the data belonging to the authenticated user.


Good to know. I’ll also give it a try with just the one access token.