To develop a lib with SSO on twitter


I want to develop a lib for twitter which can achieve SSO and can display the name of app which uses this lib during APP authorization. I know you can do this in apple using twitter framework, but I want to do this in Non-Apple platforms.

Any ideas please?


Every application created here on is capable of this – use OAuth 1.0A to implementation authorization and you can achieve this.


I mean achieving SSO, like the facebook lib for android, which means if any app has logged in once, the other apps can leverage the same access token for authentication(i.e not prompting users for login again.) like it happens for iOS


@rinyogi: I have the same requirement , if you have the solution please let me know. thank you.


I’m not familiar enough with Android to know how you would accomplish this on that platform. We do not currently offer a SDK for Android with the same level of tight integration as is available in iOS5.


@episod: Thanks for your reply. I wish to know is it possible to have such mechanism for Android(or any other non Apple platform). I mean if I want to have a tighter integration with Twitter, what needs to be done from my side. Any contact points or any link where I can get more details.
Thanks once again for your help.


Have you got the solution for Single Sign On for Twitter… Please can you give me a link or some solutions…
Thanks in Advance


Android’s AccountManager class can give you access to the user’s token and secret but I couldn’t find how to use this pair, combined with the app’s consumer key and secret, in order to login the user.
Any comment from Twitter’s staff would be much appreciated.


Hey did u get a way to do this…