Tips for the new


Welcome to the new!

Here are some quick tips on how to best use a few of the sections in the new site.



  • The REST API documentation is grouped into resource categories. This documentation is intended as a dry reference to the nouns, verbs, actions, transitions, and individual components of the Twitter service. Documentation has been revised to include clearer usage examples and is well-index by our documentation search engine.

  • You can also find more long-winded documentation on more nuanced features like the [node:5850,title=“Streaming API”] and [node:3240,title=“Authentication”]; also well-index by the search engine. We’re always looking for more topics to explore in more depth and welcome topic suggestions.


  • You can create & edit your own applications and easily acquire your own access token through the My Applications link in your user dropdown at the top of the screen.

  • Over time we’ll continue improving the application interfaces with additional tooling to ease the OAuth burden and otherwise.


  • There are a few ways to interact with the API outside of a client library or a programming language. @apigee makes this easy with their developer console software that we utilize in our [node:138,title=“Developer Console”].


I’ve created an application, have my consumer key & secret, but can’t find anywhere my access key. I see no right-hand drop down menu to request one, trying in Safari and Firefox with all pop-up blockers and scripts off. Any suggestions?


Hi @BetterBike,

We had some last minute issues with the “My Access Token” feature and hope to have it back up and running later this week. Until then, you can obtain your access token through the standard OAuth flow. Thanks for your patience until then.


Is there documentation you can point me to so that I may obtain my access token through the standard OAuth flow? Thanks


Thanks for the quick reply. After another hour invested in trying to make OAuth work with a WP Twitter plugin, I’m done. It’s my third hour today on it and it’s too much to make Twitter work for my site.
BTW, I tried and failed to make work a php-based workaround as suggested. Plus, it’s a real security problem to upload unfamiliar php to a live server just to get a Twitter token. Twitter can do better than force us into this hassle.
As for last minute hang-ups, I see that there exist messages on various forums from as long as 10 months ago complaining about the missing right-hand menu on the Twitters developers’ site. They had the same puzzled reaction like me: “Right hand menu? Huh? Don’t see it.”


Is there a RSS feed to subscribe from Discussions? Perfect if yes


There’s no RSS feed for Discussions but we’ll give it some thought. For now you can subscribe by email to any/all the categories through


Hi, i’m noticing a bit of spam and misplaced posting going on in here. Is it possible to only allow people to post in here if they have an application hooked up to their twitter account? Otherwise i fear this may start being used as a support forum for Twitter users as well as devs… Thoughts?


We have developed a website to help twitter users to grow their social network, we need to track users click on Follow-Button to give them points and publish it in our website, how we can track users click on follow button and associated with our points system.


We’re working on a variety of techniques to keep spam and unrelated posts at bay. Thanks!


Hi @LikesBay,
Best place to ask questions about the Follow Button is in the Twitter for Websites section: – to read about the types of event tracking we offer for the Follow Button, see [node:184].


I just developed one like that. But i am using database to track follows. If you are interested, let me know.




Hi @episod
We’ve had Outh working for a while with twitter4j, but suddenly we are getting this message after users provide access to our app:
{ “error”: “invalid_token”,
“error_description”: “Invalid access token: 9n3Z6USiPBkExSJGLQgDC2kRLppCg0iItXcZOVNc”}. But the “access_token” is the request token provided by twitter. We didn’t change anything. Does this have anything to do with the “my access token” problem you said you have?


Hi I didnt get the edit application link in my application. can you please tell me from where I can edit my application ?

Thanks for your help.


You can edit your application by navigating to then selecting your application and using the “edit settings” pane.


Nice information you did here guys i need your help how to increase my twitter Followers does anybody help?


This isn’t really the place for that, but there’s lots of ways to organically grow your following. Do not buy into anything that says “get followers quick” - Twitter doesn’t allow it and they don’t work. Drop me a DM i’ll give you a few articles to read.


The size parameter ( misses the value ‘reasonably_small’ which returns a 128x128 icon.


There are exceptions to that. Two examples I found on

  • For a 110x111 image, I’ve seen a reasonably_small image with size 72x72.
  • For a 16x16 image, I’ve seen a reasonably_small image with size 16x16.
    So don’t rely on that image being 128x128. :slight_smile: