Timestamp out of bounds


Hi, i follow this tutorial to make twitter connect thought twitterVB, it seems to be working for everyone but me.
when i try to run the app a msg shows with the “Timestamp out of bounds” error.

i can’t find a way to make it connect, any help is much apreciated.

(even if is another way to implement twitter with visual basic)

thanks in advance.


i forgot to put the link…
im following this tutorial http://jdsitecare.com/1041/twitter-api-vb/


If you’re getting a timestamp “out of bounds” error it means that your system clock is either set too far in the future or too far in the past. Make sure that the code you’re using is converting your local time to GMT before converting to epoch time in seconds. Also ensure that your system clock is accurate and not running behind or ahead. You can determine the time that Twitter’s servers are set to by looking at the “Date” HTTP header returned in every response.


Thanks! That fixed my problem. My server was 16 minutes slow. Once I set the proper time, the connection worked again


How to know if my local time is set to GMT or my Time Zone?, knowing that i am developing app for iOS


It’s likely the operating system keeps a core representation of time in GMT but adjusts when displaying to the user to the local timezone. I’m not familiar enough with iOS development to be sure, but this will likely help you work with converting dates: https://developer.apple.com/library/mac/#documentation/Cocoa/Reference/Foundation/Classes/NSDate_Class/Reference/Reference.html


Hi. None of the above worked for me. But then I found an option on my Windows Server where I host multiple websites that allowed the Date & Time to sync with an Internet server. It was set to sync with a time.windows.com server. I ‘unticked’ this option and that fixed the problem.


Thanks! That fixed my problem also. My iOS device was 12 hour late. Once I set the proper time, the connection worked again


Hello … I found this thread in a search because I absolutely could not work out why I was getting “Timestamp out of bounds”.

My advice …
If you happen to be using JS, say to create a Node.js version of another application, remember php Time() does NOT equal js Date.now()
For the timestamp in this case you need to use Math.floor(Date.now() / 1000).

I hope I save someone the few hours I lost :tired_face: