Is it possible to integrate a twitter timelines in a website in which the user can directly send a tweet from the website without having to write the tweet in a pop up twitter window?


Hi Georges,

At the present time, it isn’t. The astute amongst us will note that when we first launched embedded Timelines, inline Tweeting from the footer was a feature. However, despite our best (and frankly, quite elaborate) efforts, we still received (horrifyingly elaborate) demonstrations from the community of ways to clickjack the UI and trick a user into Tweeting.

The potential disruption of abusing different actions on Twitter varies and we do consider the desire for a slick user-experience verses abuse vectors; it’s an inevitable piece of building open widgets. In this case though, any situation where a user could post Tweets to their timeline, to all of their followers, without consent or knowledge is unmitigable. We simplified the feature, and the Web Intent UI remains the most robust way to enable Tweeting from the web.