Timeline widget won't display as in preview


I’ve created a widget to embed in my website and pasted in the code but all it shows is Follow @Karinlloyd1. It looks fine in Preview on Widget>settings but won’t display like that on my site although clearly it has created the actual widget. I have tried various solutions from the forums which seem to boil down to pasting in http in front of the twitter.com script and putting www in front of a domanin name in settings but as there is nowhere to do this on the version I’m seeing, it’s useless and nothing works. I haven’t yet found anyone who seems to have a reliable fix - can you please tell me how to put this right as it’s VERY frustrating, especially when the instructions say stuff like “SIMPLY copy and paste…” It’s not simple if it doesn’t bloody work!


The info regarding the www etc is old and refers to a previous version so ignore that. My guess at the moment is you’re caught in an issue which I’ve been having over tha past few days (and it seems a number of other people, have a look at the other thread) in that the timeline widgets appears to be intermittently not working or rather showing only the Follow @xyz. I suggest for now you try re-visiting and refreshing your page every so often to see if it shows up, at least that way you’ll know that you’ve got the code etc pasted in properly :o)