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I am working on a Drupal site (http://daylonjameslab.weill.cornell.edu/). This site is not displaying tweets in google chrome for OSX. I don’t not have this issue in Safari or Firefox OSX. I am not getting any javascript errors. I do however see 2 files that fail to load under the network tab in dev tools.

These are…

I have disabled all extensions/add ons and have also tested this in Incognito mode. I am using chrome version 49.0.2623.87 (64-bit) and OSX 10.11.3, both update at time of posting.

Thanks for your help.


I’m seeing an empty body in the twitter widget’s iframe. This usually indicates that the widget iframe parent or some ancestor is moved in the DOM. Make sure that the widget source element (<a class="twitter-timeline...") is not moved after it has rendered. Browsers will destroy all contents of iframes if it is moved in the DOM after it has rendered.

There likely is some javascript on the page that is modifying the DOM around the widget iframe. It might be something async timing thing which is probably why it is working differently in different browsers.

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