Timeline widget in Cordova iOS App




I’m trying to integrate a timeline in an hybrid mobile app (using Cordova).

I’m using the following widget code :

`Tweets de @tweet_test_only


It works fine on desktop browsers (Firefox, Safari), mobile browsers (Chrome, Safari) and in android app but no way to make it work on iOS app.

I’m using cordova 5.4.0 and tried with other versions. iOS SDK in 8.4 version.

I just create a new cordova project for testing (Cordova) with only the widget inside.

I have no error or warning in debug mode (with safari) bug the page remain blank.

The scripts from platform.twitter.com load successfully. The only difference between the two execution is the requests to http://syndication.twitter.com/widgets/timelines with the following content :

What is the origin of these requests ? Is it possible that iOS app break the loading ?

I really hope someone could help me,


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