Timeline widget for a website not creating due to protected tweets setting on account


Hi everyone,

New to this so please bare with me.

I am trying to creating a twitter widget to show my timeline tweets on another website (to get the hmtl code). On attempting to save the new widget it pops up with “Cannot create widgets for accounts with protected Tweets.”

How do I get around this? Surely protected accounts are able to display there tweets via a widget on websites? What is the work around/solution on this one?

many thanks.


Hi @CroftCricket,

Private Tweets are private and cannot be embedded publicly on 3rd party websites. You can make the account public if you want to use Twitter’s embeds.


Hi @evansobkowicz, thanks for your help. What if I want to embed my tweets on my own website is that still the same as you mention for a 3rd party website?

surely there is a way around this, you can’t tell me every protected twitter account doesn’t have a feed to their own website.


There is no way around this. You can learn more about how protected Tweets work here: https://help.twitter.com/en/safety-and-security/public-and-protected-tweets

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