Timeline Widget Embed: How can I take care of "canonical redirect" e.g. on Blogger.com


When I embed Twitter’s Timeline Widget on Blogs on Blogger.com, the widget only shows the Timeline on country domains (domain restriction is 5) I have specifically named. For all user in other countries, due to the “canonical redirect” it does not display the timeline …

More and more sites are using “canonical redirect” - is there already a solution to overcome this obstacle? When can we expect a solution?


You can enter a wildcard in the domains field. So, assuming your URL is something like ‘hugo.blogger.com’, and people are being redirected to ‘uk.hugo.bloger.com’ you can enter ‘*.hugo.blogger.com’ to cover them all.

I’m making an assumption about the domain structure Blogger have implemented there. Please follow up with more detail and examples if the implementation is different.


The canonical redirect standard does it like this

will be in
Australia karlrichtermunich.blogspot.au
India karlrichtermunich.blogspot.in
Japan karlrichtermunich.blogspot.jp
UK karlrichtermunich.blogspot.co.uk
Germany karlrichtermunich.blogspot.de
France karlrichtermunich.blogspot.fr

and so one …
I don’t think that works with a wild card on country domains, or?

Here is a short brief …
What’s The Canonical URL Of My Blog?