Timeline Widget does not work in https:// web sites



I have set up a twitter time line widget on my website, but it does not appear when the site url is https:// it works ok in http:// and I have even set the js.src to be https://

Under my Profile > Widget. I am not able to enter the full URL into the list of approved domains…(Enter the domains of the sites where you’ll be embedding this timeline.)… and can only enter the part after the “http(s)://” ie only example.com, but not http://www.example.com or https://www.example.com

Tweets by @XXX

it looks as if the widget does not recognize the domain as being approved.

any suggestions?



We’re working to resolve some SSL-related issues with embedded timelines.


Is there an update to using https websites?


Is there an update to using https websites?


I removed my twitter button, because it didn’t take me to my twitter account. Now I want to add a follow button,and it isn’t working. Is it because I still have alot of code in my HTML of my domain. I have tried to erase, but there is always more.

What I have done: I have cleared the code from the HTML, and saved it, then pasted the code from my widget, with no results.