Timeline Widget and Share/Follow Buttons stopped working, without changing anything



the webpage of a customer is running some month now and everything went well. Now they are reporting, the buttons and timeline widget are not showing up anymore.
I checked the code and from my point of view everything is up to date and fine.
Has anybody an idea, what is happening there?

Many thanks :smile:


Your page includes MooTools 1.4.5 compiled with compatibility mode enabled. MooTools compatibility mode overrides modern browser interfaces, breaking JavaScript such as Twitter’s widgets-js relying on those interfaces. Updating your JavaScript to a nocompat version of MooTools should fix the issue.

Build a new version of MooTools with the compat layer build option left unchecked.

You could also use a hosted version on a CDN, swapping your current script src. Look for nocompat in the filename to indicate the hosted JavaScript was compiled without the compatibility flag enabled.