Timeline widget affecting view of webpage in internet explorer 8


Yesterday I took out the twitter feed I had on our website, as it was not functioning any more. I replaced with the timeline widget provided by twitter.

Now I can view the widget correctly in Fire Fox, and on all my browsers at my home computer. But my work computer, internet explorer 8, will not display correctly, it displays it this way, (example: http://www.sd22.bc.ca/IEexample.png). But only seems to be on my computer, coworkers are not having an issue. I have just heard another computer in the school district is also having same issue, only in Internet explorer. (think her machine is also 8)

http://www.sd22.bc.ca is where the timeline is displayed.

When I remove the timeline widget, it displays the page correctly in internet explorer 8 on my machine. When I put the timeline back in, it throws everything about, removing menus and placement of things on page.

Really do need help here, as I want the twitter timeline showing, but also need the page to display correctly in all browsers.


Have you tried placing the widget inside a div with a fixed width? For example:

<div style="width:300px;">

<!----twitter code–>