Timeline Twitterfeed empty IE 8, 9 and 10


I’ve read this topic and its closed Timeline widget empty
But i’ve tried three versions of Internet explorer and none off them works.
Is there a solution, should i use an other code?
It stopt working a few days now. The problems occurs in Different sites and different devices.


Are you able to share a link to the site where the Twitter widget is not working? Thanks!


We just started getting this issue 3 days ago also. We post our CEO’s tweets on our SharePoint 2010 portal and they do not work anymore. We are using IE9, IE 11 and both will not display anymore. We have been posting the tweets for the past 3 years just fine.


I think I see the issue. On IE9, IE10 and IE11 our default document mode is 8. When I switch the mode to 10 it works. Unfortunately I believe the 8 mode is due to the compatability mode being set for our intranet sites


Hi, can you tell me how i can switch to IE 10 mode?
I am sorry, i cant’t share a link, the problem is on our intranet site. (Intranet build in HTML)
Also on SP 2010 portal it doesn’t work.


If you use the F12 key it will open the developer tools window. Then use the emulation tab and choose IE 10 or Edge from the document mode. Comparability view setting will override each time though.


Twitter’s widget JavaScript removed support for Internet Explorer 8 this week.

Internet Explorer may render your pages in a legacy document mode if your webpage sets an x-ua-compatible flag. You are requesting Internet Explorer 11 to render the page in emulation mode, as it may have looked when Internet Explorer 8 was released six years ago.


Thank you Niall. With a company like mine we have about 50 - 100 custom web applications on our intranet. Our network team has used a group policy to implement comparability mode. That means we are sort of stuck.I think we will have to remove the CEO twitter feed right now.


Hi everyone,

Just to clarify this, I’m afraid that in dropping IE8 browser support, we are also dropping the IE8 “compatibility view” in any browser. Unfortunately, the way compatibility view is implemented it not only maintains old and non-standard features that IE8 supported, but also omits the new JavaScript functionality from ECMAScript 5 that was implemented in IE9. In terms of of testing and maintenance cost, it is a whole different browser, and not one we can justify supporting any more.

For modern applications which you control, you should be able to fix the mode of the browser (regardless of default policy) with <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge">, or another specific, post-IE8 browser version.


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