Timeline of twitter list messed up after adding a new member


After I add a new member to a public twitter list, the timeline is out of order. Usually it starts with a lot of statuses of the new member followed by old statuses of existing members. The problem exists for some months now.

It usually takes some hours for the list to “settle”. After that it is okay.

Is there some workaround?


Unfortunately, this is just the nature of how list timelines are built – they’ll become “eventually consistent.”


But sometimes there are no problems. Hard to accept that it is completely random.
It involves public lists with multiple followers.

Twice had problems with adding japanese account to mostly european list. Could it be a timezone thing?


Nothing with timezone, it’s just how various user’s tweets are coalesced and merged together. Every user has tweets from different vintages in their user timelines – users who tweet a lot have predominantly recent tweets, users who tweet less have them distributed more sparsely. You’ll see differences in the time this takes throughout the ebb and flow of a day and just generally.


Okay, I understand.
I vote this problem to be fixed or on a wish list

Thank you for the quick replies

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