Timeline of search/tweets and next_results and refresh_url fileds


My web application should have next/previous results for navigating the search timeline. I already made it by using field next_resultsfor next, and pushing refresh_url into javascript array for “previous” navigating. And it worked then (3-4) days ago. After 1-2 days api calls were not returning field next_results, omitted completely, and today that field is returning same value for all “next” calls, so you are hitting next and you are refreshing the page basically. There are also fields since_id for newer and max_id for older results in search_metadata node, so I can make queries using that values… I could also get those id’s from returned tweet objects, and use them, not relying on api search_metadata completely…

So I’m asking if someone already dealt with this, what is the best way to do it, not having to check code every day what twitter-api is returning? I also have read docs on this.




Amen. Any answers on this?