Timeline not displaying on SharePoint 2010



I’m not sure if this has been addressed yet, but I’m not seeing it. I’ve been trying to create a widget for my company to show the timeline on our SharePoint site. I’ve tried to use Content Editor and save the embed code to a text file and upload that to SharePoint all I’m seeing is a link for Tweets from ____. I’ve read up on several forms and I can’t seem to figure it out. I’m able to create a widget for searching a person or hastag, but can’t create a widget for the actual list. If this has already been addressed feel free to close this or delete it.


So to be clear, you’ve pasted the Twitter URL for a list timeline into publish.twitter.com and the widget does not work? What user ID / list name are you trying to use? What browser are you using? Sharepoint 2010 is pretty old, and we retired support for older IE versions some time ago.


Hey Andy,

Thanks for the reply back. Correct, I’m trying to do the timeline using publish. After I had posted the question I realized that Twitter started using a different way to embed widgets. Our organization is using IE11. I’m able to do a single tweet onto SharePoint but I can’t with a timeline. I figured after doing several hours of digging around that I think at least for SP2010 I won’t be able to post our timeline on our internal intranet.


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