Timeline is shown on my device and simulator but not on user's devices



I’m facing a strange issue, I’m trying to show a timeline in my app (iOS Swift) … it works perfectly well on my phone as well as on the simulator and my iPad but it doesn’t work on any of my user’s devices who have installed the app as a tester (via test flight) … what could be the problem?

I am not signed into twitter on my iPad or simulator and it works.


Could you share what version of TwitterKit you are using in your app?

Could you share a snippet of code that you are using to create the timeline?


AppDelegate File ** only** contains (works on simulator and my devices):


If I add this line before the above mentioned line, It does not recognize my secret and so twitter timeline doesn’t load at all.

Twitter.sharedInstance().startWithConsumerKey(“your_key”, consumerSecret: “your_secret”)

Using the latest version of TwitterKit I think it was 1.14 or 16 … but the latest one.

Users in India can't see twitter timeline integrated in iOS App

Any updates???


Can you share the error that is logged it you try to load a single Tweet?


No error. It works fine on my phone. Some of my customers do not see anything. A blank white page.

However, when I use my own consumer secret, it says the following:

2015-12-11 19:19:31.803 YTDemo[18515:952348] [TwitterKit] Couldn’t load tweets from TWTRTimelineViewController: Error Domain=TwitterAPIErrorDomain Code=200 “Request failed: forbidden (403)” UserInfo={NSErrorFailingURLKey=https://api.twitter.com/1.1/guest/activate.json, NSLocalizedDescription=Request failed: forbidden (403), NSLocalizedFailureReason=Twitter API error : Forbidden. (code 200)}

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