Timeline-footer does not show in Firefox or IE. Anyone know a fix?


I have added the embedded timelines widget.

In Chrome you can see the timeline-footer div (where people can tweet @urusername). However, this does not show up in IE or Firefox.

Instead the scrolling tweets just get cut off at the bottom…

Any ideas?


I have the exact same problem. The height of the widget remains as set up initially, so it’s not being overlapped by anything. It simply won’t show the footer, or the rounded corners of the bottom.

Occurs is both IE9 and Firefox 18.0.1. Chrome works fine.

Anyone discovered the answer?


I’ve discovered that the cause was a jquery conflict between the widget and an accordion div setup I had going.

Using bootstap js libraries (css and js for the accordion) seemed to fix the issue.



anybody know timeline-footer to hide ?? let me know where to do ?