Timeline code of data-conversation value + display original quote tweet in embed timeline



I am trying to have timeline of twitter with tweet from specific account with specific hashtag ( Which I success on that ) , However, I am get one straggle which I am try to force show conversation which happen within this tweet , or the tweet which was been quote or re-tweet.

I am not sure but i think if i put that code , with different properties which other none would work , so any one got idea what is the other value can be inserted because i can’t find that answer.

Second of All , is that will solve my problem which is display conversation and the re-tweeted content with the comment which been re tweeted ?!!!


The data-conversation parameter is applied to a single Tweet embed, affecting display of a Tweet in reply to another Tweet.

Our REST API search documentation has more information about search operators you can include in a search query and embedded search timeline. The advanced search interface of Twitter.com may be a helpful more visual guide.


Thanks for respond , that was helpful .
just wandering is able to display the quoted tweet within your timeline tweet embed to other website.
because what I get now is just the text which been tweet within the Quote tweet .


@niall hello, I saw you responded to a previous question that is now “closed.” Could really use your help.


Could you please explain the issue you are having? If related to quoted Tweet display in a timeline then add to this forum thread. Otherwise create a new thread.


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