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Does anybody have an idea of how much Twitter takes to reply back after contacting and asking them for a suspended application? I am not talking about a simple question created in any of the discussion boards, but a direct message sent to them using the support form whose link is provided in the suspension notice.




same for me. Got email that my apps got suspended. Filed request to reinstate and get the reason why. For 9 hours no response.

BTW, why Twitter not sending warnings before suspending. Why not to give app developer chance to fix the problem and avoid suspension.


Yes, but unfortunately, what you say is just part of the problem. As I mentioned in a another thread, what about those applications that aren’t meant for aggressive follow but are used abusively by users? Those applications don’t even need modification, so Twitter should suspend those users’ accounts.

For example, if Twitter sets a follow daily limit of 1,000, it’s obvious that an automation tool is required for that purpose, and here is where Twitter should carefully pay attention before suspending an app and ask:

  1. Is the application aggressively following “at once and without user confirmation” every single user that is found? If YES, suspend the application.

  2. Is the application capable of automatically finding people but doesn’t perform following operations until the user indiscriminately confirms to follow everyone found without previously researching if the creation of a link is of mutual interest? If YES, suspend the user account instead of the application.

In the first case, the application was clearly developed to fully and automatically get the attention of thousands and it is OK if banned. However in the second case, it is obvious that the application was meant to enhance interaction of users with the Twitter API, but it’s the user who doesn’t use it properly. If Twitter doesn’t discriminate between these behaviours, problems will continue.



CJSoftLab - did you get any reply from Twitter?


Not even an e-mail telling how long it will take to start processing my tickets. Support for developers is indeed deplorable.


…and finally, I got an answer from Twitter, which unfortunately doesn’t properly target my enquiries:

“Your application was suspended from interacting with the Twitter API because it violates our API Terms of Service and our Automation Rules in regards to automated following and unfollowing and the automated creation of a large number of unsolicited spam tweets and DMs. This encourages users to violate the Twitter Rules. It’s best for both our users and your users if your application follows the rules, so please make the necessary changes to bring your application into compliance. Once the application has been fixed to comply with our policies and we confirm these changes, we will reconsider your API suspension.”

Well, let me tell you that:

  1. How can I make the necessary changes and test the application if it is suspended? It is like giving a car without the keys…

  2. Regarding “unsolicited spam tweets”, our application cannot send Tweets far beyond the limits Twitter has established, and there are many other applications that send Tweets automatically too. What is more, in order to avoid these sorts of problems, our software does not allow users to send more than one Tweet per minute. So it is not clear yet why our application has been banned in relation to this point.

  3. Regarding DMs, it’s obvious that Twitter did not pay attention for at least one minute as our tool sends automated DMs under NO circumstances, and it has always been like that just to avoid that kind of spam you are talking about. Each time that a user wants to send a direct message, it is necessary to type the recipient’s Twitter user and press “send”. There is no way to circumvent that. Basically, it is like users sending DMs directly from their accounts.

  4. Automated follow/un-follow is OK, and I understand that this is not allowed and it will we modified. However, Twitter is far away from addressing my point:

If a daily limit of 1,000 follows is allowed, are users expected to follow 1,000 new contacts MANUALLY? This is senseless. In this case, Twitter should set better rules and limits that only affect those who abuse of the API. As it is now, it is like Twitter allows 1,000 follow operations as maximum, but if this is done automatically, let’s going to ban the application. Why? Would doing this manually not result in the same: 1,000 new users?

I really give up and I hope that this platform just crashes down…


How long will suspension last