Time interval on widgets


The interval worked fine for years. Now, it seems to be a random update interval.

If I set to 30 (30000ms I believe) it works the same as 60. This setting does not seem to make a difference when “rendered” on the site. When testing in the widget setup page, all seems well.

What am I missing?


It looks like the minimum is 30 sec. Because in the online editor you can’t make it less than 30.


havin the same problem… interval is way to slow now… any alternatives?


We recently experimented a bit with the default refresh rates on the widgets. The experiment will end within the next few days and the usual refresh rates will return.


Yep, having the same issue. The profile widget is ignoring the loop interval and appears to be using the example default of 30 seconds. Even if you reduce the time interval subsequent to grabbing the code, you’re stuck with 30 seconds. All of my client profile widgets have slowed to a crawl. @episod, is there any compelling reason for the Twitter devs to be experimenting with a default loop rate of 30 seconds on the Profile widget? It’s difficult to imagine that,under most circumstances, such a long period would make much sense when the scrolling content is only 140 characters long. Can you provide a more specific date on which this experiment will end?


Any update on this, please?


This change has been rolled out


Update on this: The changes have been rolled out, but it may take a few more hours for our CDNs to update with the latest version.


The issue isn’t really the interval. 30 seconds as a minimum is not a problem. What doesn’t work however is that the widget starts out with only one item in it and the next ones are added with that same 30 second interval. That just doesn’t look right. It takes 2 - 3 minutes for the widget to fill, depending on the length of it.

If it was prepopulated with the latest tweets at the start, then the 30 second interval would be just fine. Hope this can be added as an option.


My ideal solution: start out with the widget prepopulated with the desired numer of tweets with the latest on top, and then start adding new tweets or scrolling with a 30 second interval.

Currently each item added is older than the previous one. This is a consequence of starting with an empty widget. If it was prepopultaed from the start, it could loop from old to new, rather than new to old which it does now and which feels counter intuitive.


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Is there a way to change the interval with the new 1.1 widget code?