Thumbnails not displaying on Vimeo videos


I work on the technical support team at Vimeo and we’ve noticed that thumbnails are no longer displaying for any Vimeo videos.

You can see a number of examples on our official Twitter page:

Any chance you could shed some light on this? Thanks!

Thumbnail for video (amplify) cards not displaying

Hi Mikey, nothing obvious is jumping out so I’m inquiring with the engineering team. At first I thought it might be a robots.txt access issue, but some images are definitely showing up. (For reference:


Thanks for checking it out, Jon!


How to stop emails from on Twitter Developers?


No problem! To rule out the robots.txt issue, would it be possible to add Twitterbot to the file for access permission?


By turning off notifications in “My subscriptions” I guess.


Yesterday afternoon we added Twitterbot and and also removed the character encoding from the content-type header. Doesn’t seem to have made any changes.

As you mentioned, thumbnails are showing up for some tweets – maybe it has something to do with the size of the player?


Hey Jon, any chance you’ve gotten a moment to take a look now that we’ve edited the robots.txt file? Thanks!


Hoping for an update here. Any thoughts Jon?


Any chance you’ve heard back from the engineering team about this yet Jon?


Hi Andrew and Mikey, apologies again for missing these responses. I just responded to Andrew’s other discussion thread to send me a DM so we can set up a call to debug and resolve ASAP.


@jbulava @mikey_vimeo

Hey guys, any idea on how to resolve this?
Our twitter looks awful without nice thumbnails

Many thanks



Hi @UNIT9, this issue was resolved back in August, but never closed out. Could you point me to a URL where you are experiencing an issue with Vimeo thumbnails?


@jbulava On our twitter - @UNIT9

We are trying to post
But the thumbnail just comes up as black…


I was underground and could not answer as quickly :grinning: I’m seeing the same behavior, but I’m only seeing it for this specific video. Do you own this video? I’m curious to know if the thumbnail was updated after the upload. It’s possible that if the original thumbnail for the video was just a black screen that that is what we are caching on our side to render the card. I’m looking into this further and looping in the Cards engineering team, although they are in San Francisco so a response may be later today.


@jbulava That’s great, thanks!

Yeah we own the video - the original thumbnail would have been
just a clip from the video had it have been changed - it would
never be just black. Let me know if they get back to you!
My direct email is

Thanks a lot!



Ok, great. I’ll respond here with any updates.


Hey Geraint, the engineering team confirmed that there was some kind of failure with our image fetcher when this specific Card was created. The Card for should now render correctly. Please confirm when you get the chance!


Hi mate, it works now thanks!

I need this one too :frowning:

Would I have to do this every time??


You shouldn’t. I’ll submit this to the team as well. They are trying to track down a pattern for Cards that have failed, so this will definitely help their cause.