Thread is not posting in twitter via MyBB Publisher


I have mybb forum and i installed mybb publisher for auto posting new threads in fb twitter.
it was working fine some months ago but not working now…
I already add all details in plugins. I ask the plugin devloper about it he said me that it was twitter account error.
Please check if any problem in my twitter account.


I’m afraid we would need more information about the Twitter API error that is being received by the Mybb plugin in order to help you - what is the Twitter response and error code?


It only shows that “The test post was not made see output above” in plugins when try to post…
Will you check in my forum i will give you AdminCP Acceess.?


What output is displayed above?

Maybe you could talk to the Mybb folks to get more support, we are not really able to support third-party plugins here and it would not be very secure for you to hand me your admin credentials.


Its not plugins issue i just check the error log and get these error info

{“errors”:[{“code”:226,“message”:“This request looks like it might be automated. To protect our users from spam and other malicious activity, we can’t complete this action right now. Please try again later.”}]}

So please fix this issue as soon as possible


Per the error codes documentation for code 226, if you fill out a platform support form with details we will look into the issue.


Where is platform support form .? Please help me


It is linked from the documentation I just posted, next to the information on Code 226.