Thoughts on asking users to create own application?


Given that the Twitter bot seems determined to shut us down, we were considering other options. One option we discussed is asking our users to create Twitter applications and enter in the consumer key/secret as well as their token information and then we would essentially operate in the same manner as before, however, the hits to Twitter’s API would use an individual user’s app instead of the main app (Heroic Social). Is this generally frowned upon and/or explicitly against the rules anywhere?



Section F, 5a - this is explicitly against the policy, and no legitimate service should do this. We are aware that some apps and services do this and are constantly monitoring for abuses of the system of this kind.


Ah I’m glad I asked. I thought it might be an option because I know other services do just that.

Anyway, what are our options? We were told in our last restriction that the next time we will be permanently suspended… What can we do? The information we get from platform is not nearly specific enough for us to take any action items on, we are not breaking (or bending) any of the rules, and we are literally doing nothing that other apps haven’t already been doing for years and years without issue. Why does Twitter play favorites like that and singling us out?