This user does not have permission to read campaign data


Hello All,

When we attempt to make the call to get we receive the following error, 'This user does not have permission to read campaign data for account Y’. As far as we can tell, this should be an advertising-enabled account since the ad account is returned from the get call.

More specifically, when I log into the UI, I see the following:

However, when I make the call to get, I get the following results:

The first result, eq05v, looks correct, however the second one does not.


Any insight on this issue would be greatly appreciated, since we are continuously getting errors on this account when attempting to retrieve the funding instruments.



@vautoureric: it would be helpful if you provided the account id, and the user’s username with which you are making the request, so Twitter Staff can check. Those are not sensitive information.
Guidelines for Reporting Issues - also scroll down to “Ads API Sensitive Information”.


Hi @vautoureric,

Thanks for posting and providing more detail! There are possibly two issues at hand here.

1.) Access from different accounts

The first issue, I’m guessing, is that you may be using different accounts when logging in the UI and the the API. Specifically, the user you are using via the UI (which I blacked out in the image) is a different user than the one you were noting in the API.

As a result, the IDs returned in the UI (eq05v, 18ce53zoad5) are different than those returned in the API (eq05v, 18ce53vpltu).

For future reference, what you did is exactly right: log in via the UI to see which accounts you access to, and then making the API call to see that they match up. If they do not, that might be the cause.

2.) Type of access granted

Once I log in with the proper account, I believe the case is that your grant to the specified account is an Analyst account. This means you have access to view analytics, but not actually access any campaigns itself.

The three levels we have are:

  • Account Administrator — full access, including ability to add/remove users
  • Ad Manager — full access to modify campaigns and view data
  • Analyst — access to view analytics, but no access to campaigns

You’ll need to work with the owner of the account to ensure that you have the proper access, and then you’ll have access to work with their campaigns. You can find more detail on this here: